47 farmers in the zone are engaged in the investment sector

• It was also suggested that the project will play a significant role in the development of the zone

Woliso Pesto: 47 farmers in South West Shoa Zone have turned to investment, the zone said. He said the project, which is under construction in Gebeta, will significantly contribute to the development of the zone.

South West Shoa Zone Chief Administrator, Megersa Dribsa, told Addis Zemen that 47 farmers have invested in the zone.

“These farmers are not just investors,” he said. He said they have really developed their potential and created jobs for many citizens beyond themselves.

He said most of the woredas in the zone have been able to increase their agricultural production and productivity through irrigation, adding that many farmers have started irrigating summer wheat and various vegetables.

On the other hand, Megersa said the zone has been undergoing a lot of revivals recently. In particular, he said the near-implementation of the country’s Wolka development project in the zone has dashed the hopes of most locals.

According to Megersa, Wonchi is a natural lake, surrounded by mountains and has a large tourist potential. He recalled that the local community had maintained and cared for the lake as his own property.

He said the area has been attracting tourists from Africa, Europe, and other parts of the world since before the development, adding that it is believed that the project will bring more visitors and development.

According to Megersa: In the past, the community has organized 365 people under the name Echo Ecotourism. Farmers and peasant children used it to increase their own income by transporting tourists, providing tour guides and boat services. They are now looking forward to the development of the lake, which will further enhance their work.

According to Megersa: They welcome the project because it is built in a participatory manner and does not displace the community. They are also happy that it will solve their infrastructure needs. When a tourist arrives, he stops and rides a long distance on horseback. Now the government has awarded the contract to contractors to allow access to the lake.

In addition to the project, lighting; Health: Megersa said the community is aware that telecom and other developments will be improved. He said the lake can be developed without disturbing the people and there is ample opportunity for the people to create jobs and increase their income. He explained that Wonchi basically contains a lot of hidden resources suitable for boating and island tours.

According to Megersa, the Wonchi project will serve as a major hub for the production of bamboo products and handicrafts in connection with the manufacturing industry. He said the people of the area are able to take advantage of the huge opportunities associated with the project.

According to Megersa: It is believed that the towns in the zone, from Sebeta to Wonchi, will be used to create their own tourist markets. A 12.5-kilometer road connecting Dendin and Wonchi lakes will be built under the project.

“Tourists can use two alternative routes,” he said. One can turn to Dandin through Ambo and see the river, Or he could go straight to Woliso via Woliso.

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