A park with a history and a park

I appeared in the Ethio-Cuba Friendship Park, which combines history and greenery. In the park, there is a monument commemorating the invasion of eastern Ethiopia in 1970 by the invading Somali army, but it was recaptured by brave Ethiopians. The monument attracts visitors with its intricate design and green development. Dear Readers, We will return to the history of the monument and its context in another guest post. Today I will focus on the green park.

I can’t support the size of the compound, but as far as I can see, it is very large. As a result, there is less chaos. It is comfortable to stay in. The atmosphere is pleasant. When I arrived late in the day, I saw people coming in and going out, and some were taking pictures at the monument, tea and coffee, reading a book in the green park, playing pairs, and having fun alone.

Except for two small cafes and a small library in the open, there is no disturbing hospitality. It is ideal for those who enter the park to relax their minds and bodies. On the other hand, the cleaning staff was involved in the cleaning work. I continued to walk around the park using the sidewalk.

In the park, different colored plants are planted. The gardener, Ntshu Zerihun, even mentioned the name of the plant and told me about her care. She is happier than the customer in the green garden she never cared for. She is captivated by their beauty. She says they have the power to communicate as human beings. She is happy with the plant because it is emotionally attached to the plants.

She is only a year old when she works in the park. Her care is not new to her because of her previous experience and training. The presence of professional supervision and support has also helped her to work better. She takes care of the process. Each caregiver has his or her own responsibilities, and he or she is responsible for the development of the space provided. There are other species as well. She encouraged her landlords to plant a variety of plants at their doorstep and suggested that she try to fulfill her professional responsibilities and opt for green development.

The Lideta Sub-City Basin and Green Development Office Superintendent, Bilisuma Girma, has been assigned to monitor the park. He studied Water Resources Engineering. Although they are less than a year old at work, they are close to the profession by learning about gardening. As a result, the plants are fulfilling their professional responsibility to help caregivers. According to Bilisuma, who is assisting in the process from planting seedlings to approving and maintaining its beauty, it is also a native of the park. , Bottlebury, Gravel. Some of the flowers are Durata, Anita, Burner, Carpet, and Fertilizer, and some of the fruits are olive oil, oranges, lemons, grapes, and apples. According to Bilisuma, efforts to provide these plants with professional assistance have only recently begun. This has caused some plants to wither. Apples are not currently producing any of the fruits due to a lack of research. It is better to replace them with plants that need shade and do not need shade. Dried plants need to be replaced. This should not be done simply by waiting for the winter to take place. Plants are harvested not only because they are grown but also when they are needed. Therefore, professional help is essential.

He said the expert needs inputs and other necessary support to make the plants bloom more beautifully. He said, “No need to import fertilizers. Re: You can make a hole in the park by storing flowers and leaves in the hole. With the permission and necessary support of the sub-city, we can apply what we have learned, ”he said. However, the lack of immediate response from the sub-city administration has led to a backlash. He also said that it is possible to be successful if the projects are implemented beyond design. They say that the education they have received is not yet in their minds and that those who are in the same profession, including him, are willing to give more professional help in this field.

15 caregivers in the park take care of these, including nine security guards. The security guards are responsible for ensuring that the park is not damaged and that there are no unsanitary conditions. However, one of the complications of the patrols was the presence of government and agency staff, particularly in the area of ​​control of the park. There is no shelter for guards. The lack of a warehouse for plant caregivers could not be used to protect property. The park has no income other than having to pay for weddings and other events. People with a program are only charged 1,500 birr, which is small. The statue and the green development are also different, so it is difficult for them to give full answers or information to the park. Although they are not responsible for explaining the monument, they are working to prevent it from being damaged.

What do visitors to the park say? I went to a young man who was reading a book in the corner of a park chair in the park. His name is Michael Shiferaw. He is an ordinary resident of Kolfe Atana. The young man recently spent time in a Cuban Friendship Park and became accustomed to reading books. He was employed by a private company and worked for some time. For various reasons, he chose to stay away from the area because he was no longer working. The choice was to be friends with Cuba in the park. The quiet breeze blew him away. The book teaches people how to be emotional and how to lead themselves, so the young man was learning how to control himself. He learned that he did not pay much attention to the monument in the park and that he was attracted to the green rather than the monument.

I saw the young man sitting alone in front of the statue with water in his hand was called Ayana Zeleke. He lives in Akaki Kaliti sub-city, where his work is located at Cuba Friendship Park

Located in the Awash Bank branch. He prefers to spend time in the park having tea. According to young Ayana, another entertainment is full of noise and commotion. The sound of the car and the smoke coming out of the car disturb you. He is happy and refreshed, so he returns to work. Born and raised in a rural area, the young man is well aware of the importance of greenery. Therefore, it is given a special place. After entering the city, it is observed that most residents do not pay much attention to greenery. The park has also recently received a lot of attention and cleanliness. He said the care needs to be strengthened and that they are ready to contribute if they can contribute to green development, including him.

One of the things I noticed in the park was that some people were doing something that was against the culture of the community. According to him, children and adults come to the park. Therefore, it is important to be careful not to get caught up in the park and to understand the purpose of the park.

During my short stay in the park, I noticed some gaps in the park. I started my observation at the front door. Not only is there a monument and a green park in the park, but there is also a waterfall or fountain that rises with the help of electricity in a variety of interesting colors. When the fountain was working, it had a special glow with the green in the park. Some recall that it was especially beautiful at night and that they had seen it for some time. This fountain at the entrance of the gate is not brightening the park. I could not find anyone to tell me why. The water that has accumulated in the fountain has turned into an odorless green. I found that unsafe water posed a risk to environmental pollution and health problems such as malaria. A pile of discarded materials is also placed behind the statue. The garbage seems to be covered, but not out of sight of the greenery. Tea-serving establishments are also in the process of being used for cooking, such as charcoal and other waste.

The various facilities behind the park, including the Black Lion Specialized Hospital, are benefiting from the surrounding area. Since many vehicles pass through the area, it is also very important to prevent emissions from the cars. The park is wide open, and the park is ideal for fresh air. On the sidewalk in front of the park, various seedlings have been planted on the dividers, adding to the beauty. Although it is beautiful, there are also people who complain that the parking lot is not centered on car owners who want to visit the park.

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