Ambassador Dina Mufti Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson

UN Security Council Spokesperson Dina Mufti said the recent statement issued by the United Nations Security Council on Tigray shows that the world is realizing the reality of Ethiopia.

Ambassador Dina Mufti said in a weekly press release yesterday that the UN Security Council has issued an unusual statement regarding the northern part of Ethiopia.

The statement denies any wrongdoing in the past. He said it is a sign that the world is realizing the reality of Ethiopia.

He said the council recognized the Ethiopian government’s humanitarian assistance in the Tigray region, adding that the statement rejected the West’s view that the Ethiopian government was not doing anything about the situation in the north.

The statement stressed the need for a common solution that respects Ethiopia’s sovereignty. He said the Ethiopian government understands that it is balanced because it respects Ethiopia’s independence and takes into account the realities on the ground.

Ambassador Dina said the Ethiopian government’s previous rhetoric has now been explained in a statement. In particular, it has changed the distorted information disseminated by some countries and institutions in Ethiopia.

The council’s statement called on aid agencies to increase their humanitarian assistance and said it supported the Ethiopian government’s proposal.

He praised the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission’s efforts to investigate human rights abuses in Tigray in collaboration with African and international organizations.

The government is working on the Renaissance Dam in the Tigray region; He said embassies in various countries are working to prevent pressure on Ethiopia regarding the Sudanese border issue and other agendas.

He said the Ethiopian embassy has organized awareness-raising forums for scholars and celebrities in Germany. In addition to Germany, embassies in Canada, Uganda, and various European countries have invited Ethiopians and various international people to hold talks with Ethiopian officials to clarify Ethiopia’s realities.

He said efforts are underway to reduce the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the border issue, and international pressure related to the current situation in Tigray.

According to Ambassador Dina, last week the FDRE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Demeke Mekonnen held talks with the Secretary-General of the Russia-Africa Cooperation Forum. Demeke on the occasion said Ethiopia is interested in participating in the second meeting of the forum and discussed ways to further strengthen bilateral relations. The two sides also discussed ways to strengthen bilateral ties with Russia.

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