Hawassa Harvest: This year’s Sidama Divorce Chambelala New Year will be celebrated in a more digital way, not at home, in institutions, and public, due to Covid-19.

Sidama Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau Head, Jago Agenehu, said in a press statement on the occasion that the festival will be celebrated at the Grand Cultural Center (Gudumale) as usual.

He said the event was consulted by elders and tribal leaders in view of the potential threat of the Covid-19 epidemic in connection with the celebration.

The festival has been widely used by the media to provide the public with information related to the festival and the benefits and values ​​of the Divorce Age that were passed down from generation to generation.

He said the media will be respected.

The Sidama New Year of Divorce contains many values ​​that are beneficial to human beings; He said it preaches solidarity, love, and tolerance and is useful for solving problems if used by all the people of our country.

He said Fitara, part of the Divorce Ceremony New Year celebration, was celebrated in all houses and institutions in the region starting from 10:00 am yesterday.

According to the head of the bureau, on the eve of a new era of resentment, hatred, revenge and all the bad things and thoughts of the past year that are not good for humanity, all members of the family are passing through a wooden door called “Huluka”. The festival begins.

He further added that the celebration will begin with the traditional celebration of Bursame, a traditional meal served by the Sidama people in Kibe.

Today, April 30, 2013, the main celebration of the festival will be held in traditional costumes, with traditional dances divided into different age groups, greeting each other with “Ile, Ile”, “Welcome,” “in solidarity and love,” he said.

He further added that during the Fiche Chambelala celebration, the festival is a celebration of love and compassion for animals and nature. Cattle will be provided with food and drink specially prepared with a bar. They will be used in green areas, he said.

According to the head of the office: For the honor of the cattle, no meat is eaten during the day, no meat is kept in the house, and no one goes out to spend the night. And the trees will not be cut down. Wood for firewood is also prepared in advance, but trees are not cut down during the festival.

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