Defects in the medical field

How effective is self-employment in the health sector? After a series of studies, such as what is wrong with being ineffective, training was conducted to raise awareness of the issue.

Prisons Consult International, a private research firm; specializes in business and agriculture and has trained health media professionals on how to integrate Internet technology with medicine. There was also a discussion on what should be done about the recent shortage of medical professionals in our country.

Dr. Tigistu, a lecturer at St. Paul’s Millennium Medical College, conducted the study on the issue, he told reporters. To make medical work better, making the service more efficient and efficient is to stop teaching and providing treatment in a health organization and stop the diagnostic work and the medical work in one place in a dispersed and easy-to-manage manner.

Although there are very few doctors in Africa, people with a budget are unemployed. They question what needs to be done to improve the health system, which is inadequate to provide adequate medical care in the face of unemployment.

The government established health facilities in each woreda to provide access to the community in a cost-effective, cost-effective manner. To do this, the government must make its own contribution; Health facilities, health professionals, and the community must contribute.

Expand health facilities to increase government health services in the country; Training of health professionals; According to Dr. Trudy, health professionals need to apply the medical sciences to ensure that quality inputs and quality medical care are regularly monitored. In their interaction with the community, they should do the required work and provide proper service to the community.

The community is also expected to go to health facilities without any illnesses and treat them without studying them and increasing their awareness of health. They say it is important to improve the health system if everyone takes responsibility.

Often the most difficult are the lack of expertise or resources, the inadequate working conditions, the lack of knowledge of how the community should access health care, and the lack of experience in rushing to medical facilities. He said the government has been working for the past ten years to provide inputs to improve the health system.

However, the inability of trained health workers to employ the required number of employees is unprecedented and unheard of in our country. Dr. Tigistu said that this needs to be looked at and examined in a way that has been done so far, adding that a health professional should be able to provide services to the community rather than waiting for the patient.

The expert said that while the country has to spend a lot of money to educate the people, they should be able to sit close to the community and do their job easily. If professionals who come to the community engage in better listening and community counseling and services, job creation will be created to provide quality medical care.

When a medical professional is a new graduate, he or she will be working with other medical professionals for a year before graduating, after which he or she will be certified.

According to Dr. Trudy, a study has been carried out to refer patients who have not been able to work easily and cannot do so easily.

Responding to a question on how new graduates can create jobs, Dr. Trudy said it is not necessary to raise funds to employ new graduates. He said if the government recognizes that health professionals benefit the community, health care can be funded in collaboration with financial institutions.

In general, it is important to make it easier for the community to access health and create jobs. This is not just a matter of creating jobs for doctors, it is a matter of updating the health system for years to come. “In order to modernize the health system, it is necessary to practice technology, ensure quality and accessibility,” he said.

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