Ethiopia to host African Gymnastics Championship

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Ethiopia to host 2022 African Gymnastics Championship next year According to information obtained from the FDRE Sports Commission, the FDRE Sports Commission held talks with Tesco Mogotesi, Development Officer of the International Gymnastics Federation and the coordinator of the African Gymnastics Event, on the 2014 African Gymnastics Championship to be organized by Ethiopia.

The Deputy Commissioner of the FDRE Sports Commission, Dube Jillom, met with the International Gymnastics Federation Development Officer and the African Gymnastics Preparatory Coordinator at the Commission’s office. During the meeting, they discussed the preparations for the 2014 Africa Gymnastics Games, the current state of the country’s gymnastics activities, and the challenges faced by the sports sector.

Mr. Tesco Mogotesi urged the federation to work closely with the International Gymnastics Federation to address capacity constraints such as capacity building training, recruitment of executive bodies, committee structure, and other related problems.

The meeting was attended by the President of the Ethiopian Gymnastics Federation, Gebeyaw Takele, and other relevant officials and experts of the commission and the federation. They exchanged views on general gymnastic activities. Finally, Mr. Tesco Mogotesi praised the ideas raised and explained the important issues.

Ethiopia’s access to this opportunity is expected to be of great benefit to the country’s gymnastics movement, sources close to the sport say. It is expected that the necessary resources for gymnastics and the coordination of experts with the knowledge and experience of the sport will be implemented soon.

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