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“Ethiopian Week” Festival and Exhibition to be organized

“Ethiopian Week” Festival and Exhibition are set to be held where Ethiopians can think about growth, give hope, and change investment opportunities.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, the Minister of Urban Development and Construction, and the Minister of Women, Youth and Children said in a joint press statement on the occasion. “Ethiopian Week” Festival and Exhibition will be held from May 10 to 16, 2013.

Minister of Culture and Tourism, Dr. Hirut Kassahun; said the first-ever “Ethiopian Week” will be an exhibition of potential national resources.

Ethiopia is one place, showing all regions; The gifts of culture, history, nature, and investment are on display. He said Ethiopians will also strengthen their unity.

According to Dr. Hirut, Ethiopia is rich in culture, ecology, and geography. It is a united nation whose cultural values ​​are at stake. Understand these blessings and strengthen them by emphasizing national unity and cohesion.

He said the festival and exhibition will help promote and enhance Ethiopia’s wealth, from agriculture to industry, and attract tourists.

He said the festival will be held annually at Friendship Square in the form of sculptures, sculptures, and portraits of all regions. He said the logo is ready for him.

He said 50.00 birr for students and 200.00 birr for adults will be used for the resettlement of IDPs.

Minister of Urban Development and Construction, Eng. “Ethiopian Week” is a three-month homework project designed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and coordinated by three women ministers.

He said new music that shows Ethiopians’ unity and internal connection will be inaugurated at the festival. He also called on the regions to make good use of the land.

According to Engineer Aisha, “Ethiopian Week” is important to increase solidarity and brotherhood and turn national resources into benefits. A master plan has been prepared with all regional officials to make the exhibition a success. It helps to introduce development opportunities and many resources to the world.

Minister of Women, Children and Youth Affairs, Philson Abdullahi, on her part, said the demonstration of Ethiopia’s resources and investment opportunities is to enhance cooperation. It will show inner unity to create a prosperous Ethiopia.

He said the ten regions and the two city administrations will introduce themselves, the friendship of Ethiopians will be more visible, and love and unity will be enhanced by getting to know each other.

He said Ethiopians will be able to stop and think about tomorrow’s growth and change and strengthen their hopes. Ethiopians can benefit in practice, meet in person, and highlight their own culture; They also believe that there will be an opportunity to adorn themselves with their values.