Fix SI Joint Pain with These Exercises

The Sacro-Iliac Joint is located in your buttocks area and is a major contributor to back pain.

It is estimated SI Joint pain is responsible for approximately 15-25% of back pain!

The good news is that the right exercises will help with the problem!

The Symptoms of SI Joint pain are: •

A dull and achy lower back pain. Usually, more on one side,

located just below the lower back, around the top of the gluteal area •

Occasionally the pain is felt on both sides •

The pain can radiate to the buttocks, hips, and groin •

One could also experience some numbness and tingling which can radiate into the buttocks and/or at the back of the thigh. •

Pain might be aggravated by changing positions, for example from sitting to standing. •

Could be painful at night and might feel some relief when placing a pillow between the knees at night.

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