It was suggested that the eco-tourism resources of Gorgora and the surrounding area should be utilized

Tourism Ethiopia says Eco-tourism resources should be utilized in Gorgora and surrounding areas.

Director General of Tourism Ethiopia, Sileshi Girma on the occasion. Gorgora and its environs are not only water-based tourism and cultural and historical tourism, but also a combination of natural resources.

Gorgora is a unique place for eco-tourism. This type of tourism sector generates a large amount of revenue by strengthening local relations between tourists and the community by using local products. It will create more jobs. ”

According to Sileshi: The Bahir Dar area is rich in water-based tourism resources. There is also a historical and cultural tourist attraction around Gondar. Unlike both, Gorgora is rich in eco-tourism resources.

Another lake, with its fish and hippopotamus, is another tourist attraction. There are many species of birds that can be an independent tourist attractions in the area. It also includes fruits and various agricultural products in the lake area, he said.

According to Sileshi, eco-tourism attraction is a natural resource.

It not only increases the income of the fruit by turning it into juice and supplying various inputs to the hotel. When tourists pay for the service, they create jobs for the locals and generate foreign exchange, he said.

He said investors have been constructing tourist destinations with the support of the government. This, he said, was causing serious damage to the heritage.

How will the current project in Gorgora benefit the locals? It has to be different from whether it fits into the lifestyle of the local community. He said the works are taking into account the many spiritual and historical sites in the area, adding that it is necessary to create a special recreation area for the lake environment for the benefit of the local community.

Gorgora is surrounded by lakes, has a unique historical site, and is an attraction with Italian and Portuguese attractions. He said the government should take responsibility for the development of the area in a way that benefits the local community.

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