Let’s get out of the vortex!

It is a time of information flow. Material information and knowledge flooded us. Some of us have been swept away by the rock of the information world. Some of us are probably living alongside the floodwaters. The rest of us may not see the danger. In any case, the danger looms over us. Information about the world today is being circulated in the media like tap water. Large databases, on the other hand, receive and sell information about you and your peers. Man has surrendered his ears, eyes, heart, mind, time, money, and spirit to this information. It is not bad to know about the world, but it is shameful to not know about the world. He is the only one who tries to find out without knowing it.

One way to try to be self-aware is to take advantage of the negative comments that people make. One of the students, a great musician named Cibilus, advised him that there were occasional critics and that he should not worry about them. “Critics always exist,” he said.

Once upon a time, there was a teacher in a religious institution, but three of the parishioners did not accept the teacher. He is improving.

One day, even though they didn’t write their names because of their humility, these people helped me and I have to thank them in public; One day before the class, many of you had heard my lesson but had never commented on it.

“Most of us don’t know what we want,” said Eshetu Birru, an active writer on the book World of Social Networking. We do not understand what we are running for. We do not realize how much we care. If we find what we are longing for, our hearts will not be filled with joy. What we need may be money or power, Or it could be fame and fortune or love. Or it could be wisdom and knowledge. What about after that? What will happen to our lives after we find them? When we find what we are longing for, will our longing be stopped? When we reach the finish line, will our race end? Will we be able to keep our money safe? Are we going to have real joy, satisfaction, stability, and understanding in our hands, or will the cycle of running, the magic of longing, of fatigue continue?

The big question is do we know what we are running for? The point is, do we really want what we want? The question of whether we really need it should be carefully analyzed. Most of us have an outward desire. We let go of our inner hunger and fill our outer desires. We stopped listening to our heartbeat and were captivated by the noise of the world. We have no desire to consult with ourselves.

As a result, we are not satisfied with what we run. We will have another endless race. Even if we get what we want, we are not happy. We want to buy happiness from the outside world, so we lose the ability to enjoy what we have bought. We do not feel comfortable talking about what someone has done for us. We are moving forward because we are mentally retarded. We are still in the dark. The world of light does not shine within us. Darkness is inherited because we do not have a mind. We started the road without lighting our candles. If the balcony does not light up, the balcony is lit. Understanding that light is a reflection of the outside world is a challenge.

Yes, most of us are in a vicious circle. The cycle of life has taken us by surprise. We do not dare to go out of our way to do something new. The enemies of the whirlwind of happiness, contentment, calmness, and understanding are far away. We run with instinct, decide with emotion, act with urgency; Repeating this boring life every day, say goodbye when our last day comes.

We break the whirlpool. We end the cycle and move on to a new way of life. That way, we will know where we are going and where we will be happy. Realizing that our enemies are our mirrors, the wise man uses those he hates. Although we do not have the power to erase the hatred from our enemies, we can use them as a mirror to see ourselves. Socrates did not divorce his wife because she had made the world a mirror. A hater does not just talk about what I think he is doing, but sometimes he does. Those who hate us see what we do not see. Let go of our painful past.

My friend, know in advance what you are running for. Make sure your soul desires what you want. Think about your life after you have found what you are looking for. Save yourself from yesterday’s pain. Break your cycle and start a new life. Evaluate all your needs. Do not seek the world’s interests. Find your own interests. Fill in the blanks with love and compassion. Create your own time, not your own. Find out who you are! Get your body out of the sea. Hello!!

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