Man is a noble being, so he is protected, not killed

“Mankind is a nobleman, he is protected, he is not killed, we condemn his actions, we pray for a political system that rules the heart and mind,” said Dr. Abba Teshome Fikre, secretary-general of the Ethiopian Catholic Church’s Pontifical Council.

According to Dr. Abba Teshome, especially for the New Age: “Mankind is a noble creature; We need to build a political system that transforms into action, rules the heart and mind, makes us all victorious and transforms us. ”

We will not stop condemning the act, we must change our hearts, repent, and follow the true path of justice and peace. “What is happening is worrying the fathers of the faith. We pray and condemn the act. ”

He said that human beings are being displaced because of their identities and religions, innocent people are being killed, and many things are happening to them.

“Ethiopians should work together to build a better country that is free from corruption, war, and separatism,” he said.

Dr. Abba Teshome pointed out that what is happening is leaving a scar on our country and depriving citizens of their right to life. He said we need to find a way to bring about a better policy that will benefit the country and human rights.

If we can live an orderly political, economic, social, religious, and cultural life, people can live happily and lovingly, ”said Dr. Abba Teshome. We were created to live in brotherhood and family; He said we should not be surrounded by walls, villages, religion, and culture.

“If we believe that we are created in the image of God, then each of us is a brother and sister.

There are issues related to politics, elections are approaching, and we are concerned about the threat posed by the Covenant epidemic in the world.

What we see in other lands, where we live in fear; “I am concerned that our ethnic, political and religious divisions will not be a threat to the unity of the country and the people. I urge you not to give in to our neighbors who do not want the development of our country and perhaps want our violence,” he said.

It is a time when the world is moving towards unity, strengthening brotherhood, and gathering together in its social and economic life. Our danger worries us, worries us, makes us realize that it is not only an opportunity to pray before God but also an obligation.

Dr. Abba Teshome on his part said all stakeholders have a mission to stabilize the country and save the country from destruction.

He called on the government to respect the rights of citizens, to prevent people from being killed and displaced, to respect their rights, to implement a better political system, and to fulfill its responsibility to ensure the right of citizens to live in peace, to move, and to enter and leave.

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