My Shampoo Caught Fire.

Aleema Ali, from Bradford, England, was involved in a horrific accident at only 12 years old where she suffered 3rd-degree burns to 55% of her body.  That day, Aleema walked past the cooker in her kitchen at home and her hair shampoo caught fire, engulfing her in flames. She told Truly: “I just heard my mum screaming, saw my reflection in the window and I could see I was on fire.” Aleema suffered extensive injuries all over her body which left her in a coma. “I just thought I was going to die, which is why I didn’t attempt to save myself”.

Aleema was given only a 10% chance of survival by doctors but she defied the odds and made a full recovery. But Aleema’s life had changed for good. She said: “The first time I went out after my injuries, everybody was staring at me.” Over time, and with a lot of support from her family, Aleema rebuilt her confidence and began making make-up tutorials on TikTok which blew up and pulled in over 17 million views! “People just kept asking me to do more videos like that, just showing people that something like this doesn’t have to stop your life.

You can do the same things everyone else does, if not more.”Aleema is now looking forward and grabbing every opportunity life throws at her.  She added: “Without my burns, I probably wouldn’t have started social media, I wouldn’t have the level of confidence I do now and I probably wouldn’t have achieved what I have so far. I try to look at it in a positive light and in some ways I’m sort of glad it happened”.

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