My Small Freckle Turned Into A 40KG Tumour

KARINA Rodini, 30, from Curitiba, Brazil, is seeking life-changing surgery to deal with a colossal 40kg tumour on her left leg and hip.

Karina has neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), a condition that causes tumours to grow along the nerves.

Karina had small brown patches on her skin from the age of eight or nine, but at age 14 her more substantial

“plexiform” tumours began to grow – starting as a freckle and expanding until the one covering her leg and hip reached its present size.

Karina’s condition means she has to get a seamstress to custom-make her clothes and can only walk short distances.

Karina has already had 10 surgeries but her sister Patricia has now found a surgeon willing to remove her largest tumour –

but Karina now has to raise the funds needed for the operation, which will leave her hospitalised for six months after the surgery.


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