Reduction one

Do you want to speak fast English? Is speaking fast part of your English study routine? Are you curious about how to speak fast and be understood? Great! In this video I’ll show you how reductions work in spoken English and why they’re the key for you to speak fast. I’ve broken down lots of sentences for you with a common English reduction: the word “for”.

If you master these English sentences you’ll be speaking faster and you’ll immediately be sounding more like a native English speaker.

As you learn how to speak fast English you’ll see how reductions like the word “for” are critical to you sounding more smooth and confident. Speaking English with reductions will probably sound unnatural for you at first. That’s OK! I can help! I’ve spent years helping people learn how to sound more natural speaking English and I know some ways to help you. In my English speaking lessons you’ll learn the keys to fast English and learn how Americans use English on a daily basis. As you know, English in written form is quite different from English in spoken form


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