The Best Food for Wrinkles

Today we’re going to talk about wrinkles. Let’s dive into exactly what happens to your skin as you age and what to do about it. A few things that happen to your skin as you age: • Loss of elastin fibers • Loss of collagen • Loss of growth hormone • Decreased ability to retain moisture • Decreased ability to secrete oil • Decreased ability to repair The most damaging things to the skin: • Too much sun exposure • Too much stress (cortisol) • Too much insulin • Smoking • Alcohol • Too much sterilization or cleansing of the skin

Some people have a habit of over sterilizing and over-cleansing their skin, leading to redness and reducing the ability to heal. Instead, it may be best to focus on your diet to help improve your skin. You want to consume foods that are high in things, such as: • Flavonoids • Carotenoids • Tocopherols • Vitamin A • Vitamin D • Vitamin E • Vitamin C • Magnesium • Manganese • Vitamin K • Selenium • Zinc • Omega-3 fatty acids

Foods to help prevent and get rid of wrinkles: • Bell peppers (especially red bell peppers) • Avocados • Pomegranate seeds • Watercress • Blueberries (organic and not dried) • Large nutrient-dense salads (every day) • Fatty meats, fish, and seafood Intermittent fasting in combination with periodic prolonged fasting is also essential for healthy skin. Exercise and good sleep are both also important to promote healthy, nice skin.

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