The city administration apologized for disrupting the public creation program

Addis Ababa City Administration apologizes for the disruption of the public creation program that took place yesterday.

Addis Ababa City Administration Deputy Mayor, Adanech Abebe, apologized on behalf of the city administration in a message posted on her social media page yesterday.

“Ethiopian squares belong to all Ethiopians,” she said.

He noted that the public outcry was hampered by the fact that the organizing committee did not agree with our proposal to limit the size and length of the site, given the current security situation.

He said the activities of the security forces on the day were aimed at ensuring the safety and security of all residents and not the Iftar ban. He noted that other creative projects have been undertaken in various parts of the city.

Some irresponsible individuals have reported that they are trying to take the issue in the wrong direction on social media.

He praised the Muslim community’s response to the incident, saying it was polite and peaceful.

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