The legacy of heroism from fathers to children

Roads leading to the four-kilometer victory statue are adorned with elaborate costumes on all fours. Everyone’s mouth and nose are covered with a mask. As usual, there was no traffic noise and no loud noises. It is a song that praises the patriots in every direction.

Here, young men in T-shirts with photos of freedom fighters sing in unison. There, young men in various national costumes competed, calling out the names of heroes, preaching like their fathers’ armies. As we get closer to the square, we see some patriotic fathers bragging about their war.

Outside the fence, a group of young people in the Dardaru area are seen calling to one another to see the scene. When the patriotic slogans and charms attracted their attention, the young people hanging on the steps and bridges raised their voices and bragged about their fathers. Youths from schools, clubs and associations also graced the occasion.

Daniel Jotte Mesfin, son of the Ancient Ethiopian Heroes Patriotic Association president, opened the event on the occasion of the 80th Patriotic Day; Building a country is difficult, But it is easy to tear down. He said the current generation should work together to realize the good deeds of their fathers so that the country does not fall apart.

“Even in Ethiopia, there is a problem in countries like the United States that are said to be the world’s superpowers, ”said Daniel Jotte. The problem in Ethiopia is caused by employers. The country is in turmoil with a population of 110 million, perhaps less than a thousand. He stressed that standing together would prevent all this.

“Insulting those in power is insulting Ethiopia,” said Daniel Jotte. He said the only way to solve problems is to stay away from Albuquerque. In the past, when Patriots’ Day was celebrated, even tents were set up by the association; Today, however, the entire Addis Ababa City Administration has made the preparation. Veteran Day is so honored, He said Ethiopians living abroad have shown their unity in various ways at the international level.

Daniel Jotte, the son of the Ancient Ethiopian Patriotic Association, believes that the people should govern the country.

Emperor Menelik II rallied the people and saved their country from invasion. He said today’s generation should be united in defending the country from foreign invaders by using the modern thinking of the times. He said one example of this is the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Addis Ababa City Administration Deputy Mayor, Adanech He said the invading Italy had been preparing for 40 years to avenge its defeat in Adwa but was defeated again by the brave Ethiopian patriots.

The foreign invaders were not the only ones using weapons to disperse Ethiopia; It is a conspiracy to divide the people. He divided the people along racial and religious lines. But it did not take long for the brave Ethiopian patriots to understand this conspiracy. By standing together, they have made Ethiopia an African-free country. He said that they have made the current generation stand up.

“We have to inherit that strategy, that wisdom, that understanding that led to the victory,” she said. “Ethiopians must stand together now,” he said. He also said that this generation should write a patriotic story.

“The fathers of the heroes who brought Ethiopia to this glory should be given due respect,” she said. The city administration has accepted the request of the Patriotic Patriotic Association for free treatment for the father of patriots and mother patriots. The city administration has decided that the ancient heroes should be treated free of charge in any hospital under the Addis Ababa City Administration. He also said that it has been decided to give the land they have requested.

The Association of Ancient Ethiopian Heroes and Patriots was established on January 1, 1931, in the area known as “Enkelafi” during the Cold War, and was chaired by Ras Abebe Aregay, a well-known veteran.

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