The Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Defense announced that a training program has been launched for the second round of basic military training for the 2013 EC at Hurso Continent Training School.

Speaking at the opening of the training, Colonel Addisu Terfassa, the school’s superintendent of the school, said the military profession is a profession where we join the army willingly and willingly to sacrifice our love for our country.

The trainees said that you should be proud that you are a part of the story the day after the heroic act of treason committed by the terrorist TPLF against our Northern Command forces.

Reminding that our country has made great history by defending the sovereignty of our forefathers by sacrificing their lives for their heroism, Colonel Addisu urged the trainees to continue their training knowing that you have a responsibility to continue this heroic act.

The trainees celebrated the 80th National Patriotic Day with great pomp and ceremony, adding that they will acquire all the knowledge and skills that will enable them to become competent soldiers during their next training session.

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