The resurgent stock market

Having stock in a company means that it has a limited stake in the company. The concept of stock refers to a stake in a corporation and can be sold or bought. We asked what the stock market, the “capital market”, the “stock market” or the “stock market” are to be implemented in the country.

Successful and business books are known for their finances; Cellular Consultant Executive Director, Dr. Abush Ayalew, will provide training on investment and the stock market; They say that the stock market is one of the investment sectors.

There are various ways and means of investing in this sector, including stocks and bonds. Stocks and bonds are a type of investment that allows people to make money by buying and selling stocks.

Some people sell bonds and stocks to the public, especially private companies that can sell stocks and bonds. The Grand Renaissance Dam bond is one of the types of bonds sold by the government. So, bonds and stocks are an investment process that is sold to the public and the institutions that invest. The community and institutions will also benefit from the purchase of bonds and stocks from corporations and the sale of land.

In the past, people bought shares from various companies to make a profit. But in addition to dividends, the stock market is a business that is based primarily on profit. Buying and selling bonds and stocks is one of the investment sectors.

According to Dr. Abush: The government makes money by selling bonds for various projects. When he runs out of money, he borrows from private banks and foreign countries.

Nowadays, however, it is easier to sell bonds and borrow from individuals. Companies can also provide loans from banks to the public and get the money they need to expand their businesses.

Other entrepreneurs also find it difficult to get the money they need to start a business or to start a business. However, the advent of stock markets or capital markets will attract more investors who want to invest in them. This is because investors will be able to invest in small businesses and grow their companies and sell their shares in the stock market. This will create job opportunities at the national level.

The more money a private company spends on selling bonds and stocks to the public, the more likely it is that they will create jobs. As organizations grow, they create more capacity. As start-ups become more financially viable, job creation will increase. Job opportunities will be expanded. This will create a wide range of employment opportunities at the national level. In addition, workers are more likely to be well paid. This will have a positive impact on the country’s economy. Thus, previously untapped jobs can be created through stock markets.

The stock market creates investment opportunities for the general public. For example, in addition to your work, you can invest in your spare time and save money by buying stocks and bonds. So far, the bank has not been able to save money, as the benefits are low and the cost of living is low. However, people are less likely to be in financial trouble if they lose money elsewhere, as buying bonds creates additional and alternative income.

It also helps to understand the state of the country’s economy as stock prices fluctuate from time to time. If the economy is in good shape, it will grow. If not, because the stock is low, stock markets can easily and quickly detect problems. For example, it is not easy to see the impact of various government policies on the economy. However, if there is a stock market, the new policy or policy will be seen directly in the stock market if it does not work economically. Thus, the stock market shows whether economic policies are effective. This easily predicts the next situation. According to the forecast, the problem will be identified and the economy will be able to move smoothly.

Records show that various companies sold shares between 1960 and 1974. However, the declining stock market in Ethiopia has revived in 1983.

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