Tigray Dr Wodajeneh Meharen

This book is about a medical doctor called in to the ministry. It tells of his challenges, the ups and downs in the ministry, his defeats and victories. In the book, written by the Doctor himself , he apologizes to his ex-wife, the Church and the whole body of Christ.

This book gives 40 Wisdom Keys that we should learn from the exemplary life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It also discuses several issues on Mariology. The Book argues for the Perpetual Virginity of St. Mary

Dr.Wodajeneh Meharene is one of the influential people in Ethiopia. He has been serving as a pastor in the Evangelical Church, known for impressive and controversial public speeches, and is the author of The Great Mind of St.Mary. In a poetry night organized at the national theatre, he gave a speech on the current issues in Ethiopia that are challenging the society.

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