TPLF illegal mobilization of over 6.7 billion birrs was halted

The Federal Attorney General announced that the TPLF has been able to prevent the movement of more than 6.7 billion birr that was being used to commit crimes.

According to the Federal Attorney General, Alem Ante, who was banned by the Federal Attorney General’s Directorate of Criminal Investigation Directorate, the TPLF has been in control of the North since the day the attack took place. Efforts have been made to monitor and investigate the assets of suspected organizations and military officers and other officials involved in the war.

“Accordingly, a court has ordered the confiscation of fifty-four million two hundred and thirty-seven thousand five hundred and sixty-five birr, as well as a number of other movable and immovable assets of the main suspects who betrayed their country and joined the TPLF.”

Four billion two hundred and five million seven hundred and seventeen thousand sixty-one birr was seized by court order and an estimated amount of more than 2 billion birrs was seized from various assets managed and related under Effort. Attempts to evacuate dry and liquid trucks were ordered through a court order and a request for joint legal assistance to the Djibouti government.

Similarly, a court ordered the confiscation of four hundred and five million four hundred and five hundred and five thousand five hundred and twenty-seven birr by the TPLF illegal group and its leaders under the direct control of three civil society organizations that could have used the money of the organizations to commit crimes. And the appointment of an independent administrator in court to prevent the association’s money from being used illegally by the TPLF.

According to the Director-General of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, the TPLF’s illegal group has not been able to use Birr Ninety-seven million, eighty-two thousand, one hundred and sixty-four birr for criminal activities.

The federal prosecutor’s office has handed over the proceeds of the TPLF’s illegal use of assets since its attack on the North Command on December 24, 2013.

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